Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I contact PPA?

We will send you an email confirming date, number of photographers, price, and any additional info (such as if flash is okay, or if you need a photobooth setup). If it all sounds good, we'll send through a contract and give you contact information for your photographer. 

How much does does it cost to have PPA shoot for me?

As a student run agency, we charge $70 per photographer, per hour, for the first two hours. After that it drops to $50 per hour, per photographer.

Where can I see my photos?

You can view your photos at http://princetonppa.pixieset.com. You will receive a password for your event, and you will retain access for 2 weeks after the event.

I am not a Princeton Organization. Can I still hire PPA photographers?

Unfortunately we can only photograph for on campus organizations + eating clubs.

Can I become a PPA photographer?

Yes! We are currently accepting applications starting in September, so stay check back in then. We'll also be sending out emails and posting on Facebook when applications open. 

How many photographers do you have? Can I request a certain one?

24, and yes! Just let us know in your inquiry, and we'll be sure to contact that photographer first. If he/she can't cover the event, we'll send it along to the rest of our agency.